Matteo Castelli Director of Photography

I'm a director of photography with over 20 years of experience


”If we all are made of stars, what are stars made of?”
A short film where I was the Director of Photography, my great friend Matteo Piccinini was the director and Inga Sempel the actress.
This is the LINK to Starmaker page on Storm and Light Pictures



In this video I show all the long and hard process of setting up an exhibition.
The Artist is Antony Gormley, the title of the exhibition is “Human”.
The location is Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.

I shot this documentary for Once



The teaser of “The Evil Inside”, the new horror movie directed by Carlo Baldacci Carli,
Firenze Produzioni Cinematografiche production.
I am the 2nd Unit Director of Photography, Ivan Rossi the principal Director of Photography.
The movie has been shot with Canon Eos C500 with Odyssey recorder and Canon C serie lenses.

The Evil Inside


Director: Ariella Abolaffio
Dop: Matteo Castelli
Camera: Sony FS700 4K RAW mode.
Production: Diaframma, Italy.

BIZAK – Bracelet Maker


One of my last commercial I shot as Director of Photography finally online!
Director: Alessandro Brenta
Production: Diaframma, Italy.

Chrono Bomb


Production: Malandrino Film
Director: Andrea Mugnaini
DoP/Camera Operator: Matteo Castelli

La mediocrità dà sostanza al mondo, l’eccezione il suo valore “
(Oscar Wilde)


Director: Chiara Clemente
DoP: Shane Sigler
B-Camera Operator/miniJib Operator: Matteo Castelli

When I start to light each set, my goal as Director of Photography is to create images that will serve the story and impress the viewer on an unconscious level.


I had the pleasure to be the camera operator in this amazing award winning short movie.

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