Cinematographer, filmmaker, videomaker, film and video production, cameraman with over 25 years of experience.

About Me

My name is Matteo Castelli, I am an italian Director of Photography and Camera Operator based in Florence, Tuscany.

I have over 20 years behind the lens. When I start to light each set, my goal as Director of Photography is to create images that will serve the story and impress the viewer on an unconscious level. I believe the viewer doesn’t have to “see” the photography, but feel it. From feature film to short movies, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, music, sport and travel I have the right experience for all kind of film and video production, big or low budget.

I am also a remote camera operator of minijibs, cranes and drones with experience with many cameras such as Alexa, Red Epic, Canon C300, Sony Fs7, Sony FS5, Gh4, Sony A7s, Blackmagic Production Camera 4k.

I always support the director’s vision while keeping the crew happy and the schedule on track. I’d love to discuss your next projects.