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I am an Italian Cinematographer with over three decades of experience behind the lens. My goal is to use light and shadows as tools for visual storytelling, creating images that will captivate viewers on an unconscious level.

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Who I Am...



I am a proud member of AIC, The Italian Association of Cinematographers. AIC is a professional organization that represents the interests of cinematographers in Italy. Its members include some of the most talented and experienced cinematographers in the country, and it works to promote the art and craft of cinematography, as well as the professional development of its members.

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30+ years of experience in cinematography and filmmaking
Cinematographer fully equipped to provide all necessary film production needs including filming equipment, lighting and crew.
Access to the latest cameras for video/film shooting.
Expertise in every step along the movie making process from pre-production to post collaboration.
Full knowledge of professional grade camera equipment for both film & video work.
Resources available specifically tailored towards working with the film industry.

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If you have an inquiry regarding my work as a cinematographer, please contact me. I will provide competitive quotes and answer any questions you may have. You can get in touch with me via my website or through email. Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like further information on my services!

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+39 (333) 649-4031

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Florence, Italy